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Our Astrologer is an online advertising portal for Free advertising for the Astrologers, Pandits, Spiritual leaders and Religious leaders. This site is launched by Our Astrologer son of Jatinder Swami who is one of the Famous astrologer practicing for the last 30 years. Our Astrologer himself is expert in all types of astrology services. He got the knowledge of astrology in legacy.

Purpose of Our Astrologer: We have loaded the site with the literatures of astrology, daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope and yearly horoscope, characteristics of your personal Zodiac signs, About Indian Parv, Religious places, Dham and many more. We are looking to update the details and add religious reading materials so that People from all the communities get the religious view points. Our Astrologer is for free posting of classified ads for astrologers – the aim of Our Astrologer is to bring the astrologers from various regions around the world on a single Platform. We have also added some paid options for advertising that are affordable.

Why paid ads? : Because no system can move without money. We are also appointing the astrologers to our panel so that people can get the Astro Consultations on phone for free. Astrology on phone is becoming popular these day because of the busy schedules more over you can discuss what sometimes you hesitate to talk while sitting in front of an astrologer. You can get the consultation of world famous astrologers while sitting in your own comfort. We have also provided the system to become member by registering on the site and ask their questions and get the reply from the best astrologer within a couple of hours. This facility is absolutely free.

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